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 Resident Info

The Homeowners Association would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Towers 120 and make you aware of what services are provided, as well as some other important community information.

All lawn care, snow removal, clubhouse maintenance, pool operation, and major exterior repairs of townhomes are provided. Owners are required to make minor repairs to carport fences themselves. If a homeowner would like to make additions or changes to the exterior of their unit, it must be approved by the HOA Board before work begins and must be in uniform with the property. Homeowners are encouraged to plant flowers or do any minor landscaping to the immediate outside of their unit. If you would like any additional landscaping done around your unit, our lawn care company is able to provide several other services at the home-owners expense. 

Annual association assessments are presently set at $100 per month or $1,200 per year and are due the 1st of every month. Association assessments may be paid monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Assessments are not considered late until 31 days after they are due, at that time a $10 late fee will be applied for each late month. Checks should be made out to Towers 120 HOA and mailed to our P.O. Box. You can also pay online via the Cash App on your smartphone $PayTowers120 or here through the website after creating an account. When making payments, please include your address, if not already listed on the check, and include what month/s your payment is being made toward.

The clubhouse (located behind the pool) is available to rent out for private parties, clubs, or events by first come first serve basis. Prices vary depending on the type and length of event. There is a $100 deposit for all rentals. Contact us for details and to make reservations.

When the pool is open, it may be reserved, in advance, for private parties. The pool may not be reserved on holidays and can only be rented at limit of 2 hours per day, $50 per hour. Pool keys are distributed before every pool season; or to request one, you may contact the association.

All homeowners and renters must carry property insurance coverage on their homes. You must send us proof of coverage each year at renewal or have your agent send us verification of your insurance coverage.

Community meetings are generally held once in a quarter in our community clubhouse. We encourage all homeowners and renters to attend. It is important that every community member be current on the news and happenings of our neighborhood. Meeting dates are posted on the website under events.


All officers and members of the board of directors of Towers 120 Homes Association were elected to maintain the integrity of the association and its by-laws. We are not a complaint hotline for neighborhood issues, such as with animal control, trashmen, mailmen, yardmen, police, or neighbors. If you have a problem pertaining to any of these, you must first try to correct it yourself. If it pertains to the outside of buildings or grounds, make it known to the board. All members of the board offer their free time as vollunteer. We also pay our monthly due fees, just like all other homeowners. We are all committed to keeping our community an attractive and safe place to live. If not for this, we would have to hire a property management company to manage the complex and our monthly dues would undoubtable be three times more than we are now assessed. With that being said, we need everyone’s cooperation in working together with us to attain these goals.

We are always seeking to add members to our board. If you are willing to serve your community and would like to play a bigger part in the decision-making process of things in the neighborhood, please let us know. Must be a homeowner, current on dues and in good standing with the HOA to join the board.


Trash:              Trash service is provided and included in your BPU utility bill. It is collected every Friday morning normally between 7-8am. All trash should be tied up in plastic bags and, if at all possible, put in covered containers. Do NOT put trash out more than 12 hours in advance. Recycling is also encouraged and picked up on the same day.


Parking:           Homeowners have designated parking, typically the spots right in front of the property. There is guest parking along Washington Ave. Please park your vehicles on your property. Do not block neighbors’ driveways.


Carports:         Under our Towers 120 By-Laws, section 4, the carports are not to be used for storage. No boats, or unsightly items are to be stored in them. We each have a small storage shed for use of anything that detracts from the appearance of the buildings that needs to be stored outside.


Porches and Balconies:           Upkeep is reserved by the resident of the home. They should be kept clean, and in an orderly fashion, at all times since this is what is seen. They are not to be used as storage areas. Please remove all tires, trash, inflammables, and anything else that does not belong.


Dogs:               Under section 18, number 7, our bylaws state that all dogs are to be kept on a leash and must not run loose in the common areas of the complex. This is also the law of Kansas City, KS Animal Control Dept. Each dog owner must clean up after their pet IMMEDIATELY while out walking them. The restrictions of the association prohibits dogs from being tied to porches, carports, ect. for an extended period.


Courtesy:         Please have consideration for your neighbors. Such as where you and your guests park your vehicles, barking dogs, loud TV or music, which carries into the next unit, especially if equipment is placed on an adjoining wall. Quiet time hours are 10pm.

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