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April Newsletter


  • Help keep our neighborhood clean by making sure your trash is secure (KEEP A LID ON/ TIE UP BAGS). There are fines and penalties for not picking up trash that has not been secured and has blown away from your property.

  • If you have a dog, please be mindful of your neighbors. Several complaints have been filed from homeowners whom have neighbors with dogs. We have advised homeowners with complaints to call animal control. We want to say a big THANK YOU for cleaning up after your dogs! Your neighbors as well as our lawn care service providers greatly appreciate you.

  • Please be mindful: Mowers will begin cutting the grass around our property this month.


  • Spring is here! And with that brings on our neighborhood clean-up day.

  • We have our clean-up day scheduled for Saturday, April 10th, 10am-noon.

  • Trash bags, vinyl gloves and bottled water will be provided.

  • If inclement weather occurs, the rain date is scheduled for April 17th, 10am- noon.

PLEASE NOTE: All board members are volunteers and will be dedicating their own time to clean up our property so your participation would be greatly appreciated. Our neighborhood is your neighborhood.


  • We are still in the process of waiting on our insurance company in regards to our roof claim.

  • As soon as we hear the agreed amount, we will schedule a community meeting to discuss repair details and assessment amounts for each property owner.


  • As we announced in our March Newsletter, our website is up and running!

  • Visit or you can also search Towers120 in any online search website.

  • For steps to pay dues online, please email us.

  • We hope to utilize the website more and more so that by the end of this year all announcements and newsletters will be paperless and available only online.


Fun & Important Dates in April:

  • April 4th: Happy Easter

  • April 7th: National Beer Day

  • April 10th: Neighborhood Clean-up Day & National Siblings Day

  • April 13th: Plant Appreciation Day

  • April 15th: High Five Day

  • April 16th: Stress Awareness Day

  • April 22nd: Earth Day

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